• Era/Century: Prehistory
  • Culture: Vatin
  • Site: Vinča
  • Dating: c. 1600 BC
  • Material: terracotta
  • Dimensions: height 20 cm
  • ID Number: TI 102
  • Property: Belgrade City Museum
  • On Display: Archeological Site of Vinča

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This biconical beaker is a typical example of the Vatin ware, which is distinguished for its fine workmanship. The vessels are well baked, burnished and richly decorated with fluting and various designs - spirals, wreaths and dots. This type of decoration is not characteristic of pottery; it is a feature of finely wrought, luxurious metal products, which the better-off members of the community obtained from various regions. The skillful potters of the Bronze Age imitated them in clay in order to meet the demands of the market. The great interest in this kind of vessels grew in time into a fashion, and created new habits and a new taste. The appearance of the ware of the Vatin ware at Vinča is important for the general study of the development of the Vatin culture in the Danubian region and of its relationship with the contemporaneous cultures in the adjacent regions.


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