Collection of icons Sekulić

The largest collection of icons in Serbia kept in one place can be seen in the home of Pava and Milan Sekulić, which these passionate collectors donated to the city of Belgrade in 1970, alongside the collection of icons, paintings and works of applied art. The collection consists of 165 icons created in the period from the 15th to the 20th century in Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Greece and Russia.

The 19th century painting is represented by portraits of Pavel Đurković, Konstantin Danil and Arsenije Teodorović, as well as religious compositions by Stevan Aleksić, Jovan Klajić and others, and 20th century landscape painting by Jovan Bijelić, Marko Čelebonović and Ignjat Job.

Milan Sekulić


Milan Sekulić, an architect (Sremska Mitrovica, 1895 - Belgrade, 1970) designed and built several multi-storey residential, private and office buildings in Belgrade between the two world wars, including the old building of the daily newspaper “Politika” and the building at Uzun Mirkova 5, where his family home was located. As a highly respected entrepreneur, he organized the largest construction projects of his time, the construction of the Palace of Albania in Belgrade and the Banovina or Banska palacein Novi Sad.

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