Savka Obrenović

Savka Obrenović

  • Author: Mikloš Barabaš
  • Date: c.1845
  • Technique: oil on canvas
  • Dimensions: 62,3 x 79 cm
  • Inventory number: U 1162

Jelisaveta Savka Obrenović (1814–48) was the third child of Prince Miloš and Princess Ljubica. She married Baron Jovan Nikolić of Rudna (Romania) when she was seventeen. They had five sons.

This Biedermeier portrait was painted in Vienna. Savka was depicted in a silk dress and a waistcoat with bell-shaped sleeves (libade) trimmed with fur, also known as škurteljka; this is the only traditional element in her dress. The medallion with a portrait of prince Miloš she is holding in her hand alludes to her ancestors.

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