The Death of Milan Obrenović II

The Death of Milan Obrenović II

  • Author: Anastas Jovanović
  • Date: 1842
  • Technique: pencil drawing on paper
  • Dimensions: 51 x 37 cm
  • Inventory number: А 370

Prince Milan Obrenović (1819–39) came to power after the abdication of his father Miloš on June 13, 1839. He died of tuberculosis twenty-five days later, on July 8, without having the opportunity to sign a single legal document. After the abdication, Miloš had to leave Serbia, whereas Princess Ljubica remained there to take care of their son. Milan died in the Residence of Princess Ljubica in the arms of his mother.

The drawing shows the Prince's deathbed surrounded by numerous relatives and state, military and ecclesiastical officials. A Crucifixion hangs above the deathbed, together with portraits of Prince Miloš and Prince Milan, which allude to the legitimacy of the authority of the Obrenović dynasty.

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