Prince Miloš Obrenović

Prince Miloš Obrenović

  • Author: anonymous
  • Date: c.1858
  • Technique: oil on canvas
  • Dimensions: 75,5 x 96,5 cm
  • Owner: National Museum in Belgrade

The portrait was probably made to commemorate Miloš's return to power in Serbia. Prince Miloš was depicted in ceremonial military outfit with a Turkish fez on his head. The Ottoman Order of the Imperial Portrait (Tasvir-i hümayun) can be seen on his chest; it was awarded only to rulers subject to the sultan. Miloš's subject position is also indicated by the Aya (Hagia) Sophia mosque, depicted in the background.

Prince Miloš was twice the ruler of Serbia (1815–39 and 1858–60).

He was born as Miloš Teodorović in the village of Dobrinja in 1780. Miloš was the eldest son of Višnja and Teodor Mihajlović. He had two brothers: Jovan and Jevrem. Miloš long lived and worked at the home of his half-brother Milan Obrenović, Višnja's son from her first marriage. Milan was a wealthy and reputable man, as well as a vojvoda during the First Serbian Uprising. Miloš was known as Milan's brother, a boy from the Obrenović family and that is how he was called. In 1810, he adopted the surname of his half-brother: Obrenović, which remained the main family name of Miloš and his brothers, as well as the entire dynasty.

In 1804, Miloš married Ljubica Vukomanović. In their marriage, full of dramatic events, they had eight children.
Miloš Obrenović was a vojvoda in the First Serbian Uprising and he headed and brought to a successful outcome the Second Serbian Uprising, initiated in Takovo on Palm Sunday of 1815. According to accounts, in his address to the gathered insurgents, he said: Here I am, here you are – war against the Turks!

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