Portrait of mrs Gartenberg

Portrait of mrs Gartenberg

  • Author: Paja Jovanović
  • Date: 1907–1912
  • Technique: oil on canvas
  • Dimensions: 100 х 213 cm
  • Inventory number: LPJ 17

In terms of significance and number, since 1903, portraits took the central place in Jovanović’s work, dominating his artistic opus. In his best paintings, Paja Jovanović managed to capture the splendour and spirit of European aristocracy and prominent figures of Serbian society. Prizes awarded to Jovanović in his early age, living in Vienna, London, Munich and Paris, his active participation in the social life of major European cultural centres ensured his renown as an artist and provided him with contacts and commissions. The chief purpose of the portrait is to please and represent the sitter in the best light. Owing to the virtuosity of his technique, Jovanović managed to meet commissioners’ expectations, particularly when his sitters were women.

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