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5 Jelene Ćetković Street

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The Memorial Museum of Jovan Cvijić is set up in the house in which the great geographer and scholar lived and worked. It is located at Kopitareva Gradina, in more than a century old cultural and historical nucleus in the very heart of the city. The house was built in 1905, after Jovan Cvijić’s drawings and in accordance with his wishes. Cvijić’s house, together with the surrounding garden noted for its beauty and rare plants, still reflects the spirit of the early 20th century.

Results of the extraordinary research expeditions undertaken by this outstanding explorer and traveller, who was led by the motto of his youth: “To study on foot and not in the cabinet”, left their imprint on the atmosphere of his home. As a man with a sophisticated taste for art and modernity, Jovan Cvijić had the entire interior of his home designed by Dragutin Inkiostri Medenjak. Every piece of furniture, painted walls with moulded decorations and every detail conformed to the style of Art Nouveau, very popular in Europe at that time, underlined by elements of Serbian traditional applied art.

The drawing room and the room of Jovan Cvijić’s wife, Ljubica, have preserved their original appearance, whereas the remaining rooms house the exhibition about the life, travels and research of this great.

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