Miroslava Jovanović’s letter

Miroslava Jovanović’s letter

  • Date: 1944
  • Material: paper
  • Technique: pencil
  • Dimensions: 4 х 6,5 cm
  • Inventory number: И2/2 401

Miroslava–Mira Jovanović Jaza, a Belgrade land surveyor, was arrested by the Belgrade City Police, to be taken to the Banjica Concentration Camp on November 18, 1943. After a short hospitalization, she was returned to the camp, where she was executed on September 11, 1944. She was one of the 26 women who were taken to be shot on that day. In accordance with their agreed plan, the women attacked guards in the corridor and during the fight they were killed with metal bars, rifle butts, bayonets and shot with revolvers.

The Museum holds ten letters that Miroslava Jovanović wrote to her mother, Katarina, on cigarette paper, between January and August 1944. In the last of them, she mentioned that her end was near.

During her detainment, Miroslava Jovanović drew the portraits of women with whom she shared the prison cell. She thus created an authentic documentary testimony about the wartime, a series of 34 drawings on cardboard from food packages. The Belgrade City Museum holds eight such drawings and several handicrafts made by her.

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