Self Portrait

Self Portrait

  • Author: Bora Baruh
  • Date: 1942
  • Material: папир
  • Technique: drawing, pencil
  • Dimensions: 16,5 х 9,8 cm
  • Inventory number: И 2/2 334

Among the prisoners of the Banjica Concentration Camp between 1941 and 1944, there were numerous artists. Inasmuch it was possible and allowed they made drawings and sketches, leaving thus a record of their existence and artistic integrity. Aleksandar Deroko, Stevan Bodnarov, Miloš Bajić, Stipe Pekić, Rista Stijović, Nikola Karanović, as well as numerous other artists, are represented in the permanent exhibition of the museum through a selection of their preserved works.

Drawings of Bora Baruh, a jurist, painter and a member of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, are among them. He was arrested as a soldier of the Valjevo Partisan Squad and taken to the Banjica Concentration Camp. Baruh was shot on July 4, 1942, two days after he had been taken to the camp.

The preserved self portrait is one of a several sketches made during the last week of his life. The drawings exhibited at the Museum are, in a way, a result of a joint creative act between him and Boško Novakovića, with whom Baruh shared the same prison cell, drawing tools, stylistic preferences and ideology.

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