• The building of the New Military Academy at No. 40b Resavska Street was allocated to the Belgrade City Museum

Belgrade is probably the only European capital that does not have its city museum, or, to be more precise, the only capital still unable to provide a proper housing solution for its city museum. As we could see, two alternative housing solutions were at times put before Belgrade’s citizens: to construct a new building, or to allocate an existing object to the Museum. After two unsuccessful competitions for the project of a new museum building and numerous fruitless attempts to move into some heritage-listed building, it seemed that it was only reasonable to do the latter: to allocate an old building, to adapt it for reuse, which is a common practice in other European capitals, thus highlighting the continuity of the city’s history. The Museum has been built for Belgrade but its construction has never been completed. Belgrade has gained numerous benefits for everyone save for itself: in the mosaic of its image, a proper outline of the city’s rich history is still missing. Trying to find a proper solution we have been in a vicious circle for a whole century. In December 2006, the Museum was allocated the building of the new Military Academy at No. 40b Resavska Street, built in 1899 after the project designed by architect Dimitrije T. Leko. With an area of 8,500 square metres, it provides excellent exhibition opportunities. The building is foreseen for restoration and transformation into a new, modern Museum, such as Belgrade deserves.

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