• The Celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Belgrade City Museum
  • The Publishing of a representative illustrated monograph of the Belgrade City Museum

The 100th anniversary of the Belgrade City Museum was celebrated on October 15, 2003. The Museum celebrated the first century of its work by publishing a lavishly designed monograph featuring a series of brief chronologically arranged introductory texts dealing with the history of Belgrade accompanied with a representative choice of 264 objects from the rich holdings of the Belgrade City Museum. Due to the fact that the museum does not have its premises, a recognizable building dedicated to the City, rich local cultural heritage remains hidden from public view. There are not many capital cities that have a seven-millennia-long, uninterrupted history. Nevertheless, Belgrade seems to be ashamed of its long history. Many times ravaged and devastated, it managed to preserve scarce traces of past times, all the more valuable since they survived numerous military campaigns, sacks, bombing raids… In words of the then director of the Museum, Bojan Kovačević, the Museum stealthily managed to reach its 100th anniversary only to present its “paper house”, since the monograph The Belgrade City Museum was exactly that – the Museum on the Paper. At the 2003 Belgrade International Book Fair, the book was selected as on of the five most beautiful books. It official presentation was held in the Vaulted Hall at the Residence of Princess Ljubica. The monograph is a result of dedicated work of the whole team of museum professional working at the Belgrade City Museum. The presentation featured speeches by Academicians Jovanka Kalić and Nikola Tasić, Belgrade University Professor Dr. Miroslav Timotijević and the Museum’s acting Director, Bojan Kovačević. Mere browsing of the monograph already gives the idea of what the admirers of cultural heritage miss because they are deprived of the opportunity to see the original objects kept and hidden in the Museum.

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