• Trans-national cooperation with the Historical Museum of Warsaw

Belgrade City Museum was involved in a very active trans-national cooperation with the Historical Museum of Warsaw. Along with the exchange of exhibitions, it also included the exchange of museum professionals.

Exhibitions organized by the Historical Museum of Warsaw

  • Warsaw in 19th- and 20th-Century Paintings, 1976
  • Warsaw – engravings and drawings, 16th–20th century, 1980
  • Warsaw and its Citizens in Old Photographs, 1850–1914, 1981
  • Uprising in the Photos of Sylvester Chris Brown, 1982
  • Portraits of Prominent Citizens of Warsaw, 17th–20th century, 1984
  • Representations of Warsaw on Medals, 18th–20th century, 1986
  • Images of Old Warsaw in 20th-Century Prints, 1989

Exhibitions organized by Belgrade City Museum

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