• The exhibition Belgrade in the 19th Century was set up at the Old Royal Court

Within the campaign to house the Belgrade City Museum in the Old Royal Court, the exhibition Belgrade in the 19th Century was inaugurated at that magnificent edifice on July 3, 1967, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the withdrawal of Ottoman troops from Serbian cities and the introduction of Serbian administration in Belgrade.
The purpose of the exhibition was to present to the audience one of the most dynamic periods in Belgrade’s complex historical transformation during which an Oriental Ottoman Balkan city turned into a European town; instead of dark sinuous streets, it welcomed the dawn of the 20th century with electric city transport and numerous primary and secondary schools and colleges, scientific institutions and citizens’ associations

The exhibition, including 1,600 objects, aimed to give a comprehensive picture of the transformation by depicting changes in political, economic and social life, the territorial and urban growth, development of cultural, education and scientific institutions, as well as the rise of art, entertainment, sport and European-style fashion.

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