• The Club of the Admirers of Belgrade’s History

The Club (Forum) of the Admirers of Belgrade’s History has been active for more than forty years under the auspices of the Belgrade City Museum. It was established upon the initiative by distinguished citizens who admired Belgrade’s cultural heritage. Its founding was an expression of the desire of Old Belgraders to have their association that would organize meetings dedicated to events from the city’s interesting and tumultuous past, striving to keep the memory of the people who once lived there and who left their imprint on its history. The initiative would have remained merely an idea had it not been adopted by the Museum’s management bodies and curators, in the first place Nadežda Andrić, a historian of literature. She was visiting the families of Old Belgraders persuading them to get involved in the founding of the Club. The Club’s first meeting was held at the Belgrade City Museum on April 18, 1966. Such meetings attracted urban intelligentsia and particularly the generation whose adolescence coincided with the inter-war period. It called to their mind elitist clubs of capitalist Europe. The club members regarded themselves as the most sophisticated representatives of public opinion; they were united by the strong feeling of friendship based on confidence and affiliation.

One year after the Club of the Admirers of Belgrade’s History had been established, the Regulation concerning its organization and functioning was adopted on May 8, 1967. The Regulation set out the tasks, structure and functioning of the Club, as well as the rights and duties of its members. The priority tasks included promoting love of the city, its history and tradition, as well as keeping the memory of people, events and Belgrade’s rich heritage. A particularly important role was played by the advocacy of issues relevant to the Belgrade City Museum, aimed at motivating research of historical facts and material culture of significance for Belgrade’s history. The meetings of the Club were held monthly, on the first Monday in the month, with the exception of summer months. Due to some administrative limitations the Club had to change its name to “Forum of the Admirers of Belgrade’s History” in 1989. However, its concept remained unchanged

The Club’s secretaries were museum professionals employed at the Belgrade City Museum: Nadežda Andrić, Bogdanka Novaković and Gordana Cvetković. The meetings were organized so as not to repeat topics presented in lectures, keeping them, at the same time, relevant for particular occasions and paying due attention to important anniversaries.

The topics of lectures have covered diverse research areas. The lectures were given by curators, teachers, publicists, university professors and eminent scholars, who knowingly made their way to the audience.

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