• In the Register of the Trade Court in Belgrade, October 15, 1903, was recorded as the founding date of the Belgrade City Museum.
  • The Memorial Museum of Jovan Cvijić was established

It had long been believed that the City Museum was officially established in 1929, together with the library. Since different dates had been used in various sources and the beginning of the Museum’s activities had been put into relation with various legal acts, an expert commission was established to clear the problem up. It undertook an archival investigation because, according to the Regulation on the Registration of Self-Funded Institutions, it was necessary to provide the date of founding (Official Gazette of the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia No. 27/55). After comprehensive investigation, which also involved people who did not work at the Museum (Miodrag Dželebdžić, who worked at the Belgrade City Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, kept on researching the subject), the Museum submitted an application to be entered into the Register of Institutions. Under point one of the application No. 206/3 of December 1, 1964, it was stated that the Belgrade City Museum had been founded by the Belgrade Municipality on October 15, 1903.
The register entry with the Trade Court in Belgrade (on the 41st registration leaf, volume I, in compliance with the Decision Us-89/65) as of October 16, 1965, states that the “Belgrade City Museum, No. Zmaj Jovina Street, was founded by the Belgrade Municipality on October 15, 1903, O No.24, vol. 1, p. 276”.Following the change of the Constitution, the new Statutes of the Museum was adopted. It introduced new internal organization and job systematization, according to which the Museum was to include 11 units with 21 departments.

The newly established Memorial Museum of Jovan Cvijić was also incorporated into the Belgrade City Museum. Its permanent exhibition was set up three years later.

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