• The Museum of Toma Rosandić was open to public

One of the first legators of the City of Belgrade was sculptor and academician Toma Rosandić (1878–1958). In his will made on July 8, 1955, he bequeathed his movable and immovable property to the City of Belgrade. It was his express wish that the house, together with the works of art bequeathed to the city, be used as a museum. Although the Museum of Toma Rosandić was incorporated into the Belgrade City Museum already in 1956, due to the lack of financial means the preparations to open it to public had to be delayed. In the meantime, until the permanent exhibition in the Museum of Toma Rosandić was finally set up, the bequeathed objects had been presented to public only as part of other exhibitions. After long preparations, the Museum of Toma Rosandić was inaugurated in December 1963. In accordance with the artist’s will, the permanent exhibition was housed in his home at Senjak, in the genuine environment in which he worked. The Museum of Toma Rosandić encompasses nearly 700 pieces of sculpture, sculpting tools, works of applied art, pieces of furniture, correspondence and personal documents.

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