• The first topical exhibitions
  • Đorđe Weifert’s present to the Museum
  • Another temporary dislocation of the Museum and its new concept

The Museum launched a programme of temporary topical exhibitions dealing with the history of Belgrade in order to make its rich holdings familiar to the public. The first such exhibition Plans and Images of Old Belgrade was opened on April 19, 1932, whereas the exhibition Artistic Depictions of Old and New Belgrade was opened on January 10, 1932.

A ceremonial session of the Court and the Committee of the Belgrade Municipality in honour of Đorđe Weifert, who became the greatest benefactor of the Belgrade City Museum by gifting historical documents about Belgrade, was held on March 17, 1932. On that occasion, the Mayor delivered a speech of gratitude.

Larger premises were hired for the Museum: the second and the third floors in Mrs. Janjić’s house in No. 39 Kosovska Street. After considerable adaptation, the Museum and the Library moved into the new premises on November 1, 1932. The concept of the exhibition for the first time reflected the organization of the museum holdings into collections. A part of the collection of paintings and sculptures made by Belgrade artists was exhibited on the second floor, while the third floor was reserved for a part of Weifert’s collection and documents and historical objects related to 19th-century Belgrade. Several collections that could not be exhibited anywhere else were put on exhibit at the office of the Museum Director.

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