• The Museum and the Library operated as a single institution
  • The management of the Museum was entrusted to Marija Ilić Agapova
  • The activities of the Museum at the premises of the Municipality in No. 1 Uzun Mirkova Street

The Belgrade Municipality entrusted the management of the newly established Library (June 8, 1929) and the Museum (September 7, 1929) to lawyer Marija Ilić Agapova, who began her work at the premises of the Municipality in Uzun Mirkova Street No. 1. The inventory of the museum’s holdings was compiled by the end of 1929; it included 155 items. They were divided into five collections: a collections of diplomas and charters (nine items); collection of photographs (10 items); collection of portraits of donors, famous and historical people and Belgrade Mayors (26 items); collection of artistic and historical images of Belgrade, as well as works of art made by Belgrade artists (38 items); and a collection of arms (72 items). No more than five years later, according to the inventory, the museum holdings included 1,062 items.

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