Author: Tatjana Korićanac

118 pages

23 x 13 cm


Belgrade 2010
400,00 дин
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Memorial Museum of Ivo Andrić


Publication Memorial Museum of Ivo Andrić is not only a guide through permanent exhibition of memorial museum of Nobel prize winner Ivo Andrić, but also a guide through political and diplomatic, cultural and art, and literary history of Belgrade in 20th century, where Andrić had been living and writing since 1920. Through presenting authentic enviromental units in the residence-museum, personal library of Andrić (4502 copies) and the most important items from his legacy (manuscripts, documents, correspondences, photographs, personal items, Nobel medal, awards, diplomas and medals, art and applied art works), that are museum artifacts today, Andrić’s personal, private, public, literary, diplomatic, and social life is revealed.