The Legacy of Darinka Smodlaka

The Legacy of Dr. Darinka Smodlaka is one of the more important among numerous legacies bequeathed to the Belgrade City Museum. Darinka Smodlaka was born in Izbište in Banat (Vojvodina, Serbia). She attended secondary school in different cities but she took her final exams in Belgrade, where she also studied and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine. Having completed her medical specialization in Vienna, she returned to Belgrade, where she finally settled and where she worked as a dentist. Her innate sense of beauty, fondness of art, and acquaintances and mingling with artists pushed her into collecting paintings, sculptures and objects of applied art for furnishing and adorning her home. Over time, the collected items increased in number to such an extent as to form a considerable collection of paintings, sculptures, icons, antique furniture, chinaware, glassware, silverware and other 18th, 19th and 20th century items. The paintings and sculptures in the collection are mostly works by famous Yugoslav artists: Uroš Predić, Paja Jovanović, Bora Stevanović, Đoka Jovanović, Risto Stijović, Toma Rosandić and others. From this rich and diversified collection Dr. Smodlaka made a selection of eighty items which she gifted to the Belgrade City Museum in 1980 in memory of her early deceased son Milan Boka and her husband Milan Smodlaka.


late 19th century, early 20th century

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