Collection of Pocket Watches

Collection of Pocket Watches

  • Место: England, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands (Rotterdam)
  • Date: 17th–19th centuries
  • Material: Silver, metal, gilding, enamel
  • Inventory number: LRCG 146–165

A prominent place in Gašparović's rich collections is occupied by a collection of 20 pocket watches made between the 17th and the 19th century. Almost a half of them were manufactured in England in the 18th century, in various London workshops, whereas the other items were made in France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and other countries. All of them were made of silver and have enamel dials. Each watch has a casing for the mechanism adorned with vegetal and figural ornaments in relief, whereas enamel decoration features various scenes. The dial of the watch manufactured by T. Speet of London in the 18th century shows a human figure standing next to a building erected by the water and a loaded boat with two men rowing, depicted against white enamel background.

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