The Gašparović Legacy

By means of the Deed of Gift as of 1976, the Belgrade City Museum became a holder of the Robert Cihler Gašparović’s rich collection of antique furniture, Oriental carpets, silverware, chinaware, glassware, men’s pocket watches and other objects of artistic interest. Robert Cihler Gašparović was born in Vršac. Throughout his career and in his retirement years, he lived in Belgrade. Before World War II, he was an appointed official of the salami factory Herz und Sohn (Herz Son), based in Banatski Karlovac. Gašparović was a passionate collector of antiques. In the eve of World War II, the construction of his house in the Belgrade neighbourhood of Senjak was completed; the house was designed as a Gothic castle on a small scale. It was furnished with antique furniture, Oriental carpets and 18th- and 19th-century silverware, chinaware, glassware and ceramic objects. Since his passion for antique items persisted, Gašparović kept on enriching his collections after World War II, to bequeath them to the Belgrade City Museum. The Department of Applied Art and Ethnology of the Belgrade City Museum holds more than 470 objects from his collections.

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