Legacy of Petar Popović

Petar Popović (1904–1995) was an offspring of an old Belgrade family that yielded a line of intellectuals, professors, physicians and diplomats. Having completed his secondary education at the Lycée Lacanal in Paris, France, he graduated in chemistry from Belgrade University and worked as a chemistry teacher throughout Yugoslavia. However, pedagogical work did not exhaust his interests and Petar Popović joined the famous group of Belgrade Surrealist writers gathered around the almanac NEMOGUĆE – L'IMPOSSIBLE (The Impossible). He began to collect antique and rare books and 18th-century decorative and utility items already as a college pupil, in Paris. His legacy includes 125 objects. The most valuable items came from France, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Vojvodina and Central Serbia. In terms of style, the greatest part of these objects are of French or Viennese provenance and belong to specific variants of Classicism.

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