The Legacy of Jovan Subotić

It was in accordance with the desire of Dr. Ivan Subotić (1893–1973), who spent his career before World War II in diplomatic service, that a room dedicated to the founder of the family, Dr. Jovan Subotić, famous Serbian poet and writer, was set up at the Zemun Home Museum, a satellite museum of the Belgrade City Museum. Dr. Jovan Subotić and his wife Savka, née Polit Desančić, the first president of the Serbian Women's Association, had four sons. Their second eldest son, Dr. Vojislav Subotić, was a surgeon and one of the founders of the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, where he also worked as a Professor. He was a volunteer in World War, just like his son Ivan. The eldest son of Jovan and Savka Subotić, Dejan, was educated at Russian military academies and he acquired the rank of Lieutenant General. The belongings of the Subotić family that were gifted to the Museum in 1975 include 56 objects, the most of which are related to Dejan, Vojislav and Ivan Subotić: silver plaques awarded to Dejan Subotić, decorations of Vojislav Subotić, a family album, a silver pitcher, family photographs, etc. After the death of Dr. Anka Subotić, née Gođevac, her daughter Ružica and her son-in-law Igor Pereplotsikov, an engineer, gifted to the Museum in 1986 two albums with 300 family photographs, genealogies of the families of Ivan and Anka Subotić, various documents related to both families, miniature replicas of the orders awarded to Dr. Ivan Subotić, as well as his diplomas, passports and other identity documents, epaulettes from Dr. Vojislav Subotić’s uniform from World War I and other things.

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