10-Dinar Note from 1876

10-Dinar Note from 1876

  • Место: Principality of Serbia
  • Dimensions: 13,1 х 9,6 cm
  • Inventory number: LĐN 3

The first attempt in 1876 to issue Serbian paper currency failed. Only test prints were made (notes of 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100 dinars), 1500 notes for each denomination. After a revolt in Herzegovina in July 1875, Serbia undertook extensive preparations for a war against the Ottoman Empire in spite of an unsympathetic attitude of the Great Powers. Early in 1876, seeking to provide resources for the war effort, it chose to print paper money without gold coverage equal to the planned foreign loan of 24 million dinars. All technical preparations were completed and test prints made at the State Mint in Belgrade. However, the expected loan was not realized and the notes were never put into circulation.

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