Virgin of the Passion

Virgin of the Passion

  • Author: Andreja Rico
  • Date: Late 15th, Early 16th Century
  • Technique: Tempera on Panel
  • Dimensions: 51 х 42 х 2,5 cm

Inscriptions: MN (τη) R Θ (εο) Υ [Holy Virgin], Ί (ησου) Σ Χ (ριστό) Σ [Jesus Christ]

The collection includes a large number of icons made by Italo-Greek painters, widely present in the Balkans. These icons date from the period between the late 15th and the late 18th century and were assembled from Dalmatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.

In the late 15th century, local painting workshops began to emerge in the larger cities along the eastern Adriatic coast. Their output was strongly influenced by Italian painting and particularly by the work of Cretan icon painters. Along with local masters, numerous Greek travelling artists also worked along the Adriatic coast.

This is the oldest Italo-Greek icon in the Sekulić Collection. It was made by Andreas Ritzos, one of the most famous late 15th- and early 16th-century Cretan painters. This type of the Holy Virgin would become very popular both among local and numerous Italo-Greek painters.

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