The Legacy of Branislav Nušić

Branislav Nušić (1864–1938) was a dramatist, a writer of comedies, essays and travelogues, journalist, diplomat of the Kingdom of Serbia, director of theatres in Belgrade, Skoplje, Sarajevo, and a versatile person that left a strong imprint in Belgrade’s life in the late 19th and the first half of the 20th century. His comedies are still often staged in Serbian theatres.

In the memory of her father, Branislav Nušić’s daughter, Gita Nušić-Predić, gifted to the Belgrade City Museum a part of his belongings: his study, the so-called Turkish Room, manuscripts, Branislav Nušić’s collected works, photographs, documents, a collection of caricatures, personal belongings, diplomas, decrees and orders.

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