Branimir Ćosić, Photographs

Branimir Ćosić, Photographs

  • Dimensions: 5,9 х 10,5 цм; 8,5 х 13,5 cm; 5,7 х 6,5 cm
  • Inventory number: BĆ 1256, 1247, 1250

The photo to the left shows Branimir Ćosić in 1927; on its back there is a note reading: "S mišlju i personom Brana Ćosić. 4. jula 1927 godine" [With a thought and persona Brana Ćosić. July 4, 1927. The photo to the right features the writer as a young man, surrounded by his manuscripts; it was made around 1920. The photo at the bottom was taken in 1933 at the sanatorium in Topolšica in Slovenia, where Ćosić, with interruptions, was undergoing his medical treatment since 1930. It was in this sanatorium that he wrote the greatest part of his last novel Pokošeno polje (The Mown Field).

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