Pokošeno polje (The Mown Field)

Pokošeno polje (The Mown Field)

  • Inventory number: BĆ 1430

Manuscript of the novel

Branimir Ćosić began his work on the novel Pokošeno polje (The Mown Field) in 1927; at that time his writing still bore the imprint of his earlier style. The novel was published early in November 1933. Its major part was written at the sanatorium in Topolšica in Slovenia, where Ćosić spent spring and summer months since 1930.

Having left the sanatorium, the writer began to make plans for his new novel Mrtvi moraju da ćute (The Dead Have to Keep Quite), as well as for the marriage with his fiancée, but he was soon stricken by illness. The agony ended in Ćosić's death on January 29, 1934.

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