Branimir Ćosić

Branimir Ćosić (1875–1934), a writer who formed himself in Belgrade’s cultural milieu, acs as a historical link between the generation of writers that gained prominence until 1912 and those who rose to the surface in 1920. At the same time, he also acts as a bridge between liberal bourgeois intellectuals and Belgrade’s Marxist intelligentsia. Although Branimir Ćosić’s literary opus is not extensive, his significance as a writer rests in his strong influence in various literary circles in Belgrade. The Legacy of Branimir Ćosić has been held by the Belgrade City Museum since 1947, when it was taken over from the Association of Writers of Serbia to become the property of the Museum. It includes 2,284 items, published in 1973. Along with Ćosić’s manuscripts, documents and photographs, the writer’s correspondence makes the major part of the Legacy. The writer destroyed a part of his manuscripts, a great deal of correspondence and all of his diaries in his lifetime, which remains an irrecoverable loss for Belgrade’s cultural history and the history of Serbian literature.

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