• Author: Betta Vukanovic
  • Date: 1920–1930
  • Technique: watercolor
  • Dimensions: 35 х 52,5 cm
  • Inventory number: LBV 66

The painting features a waist-length female nude in half profile with arms folded at waist height; her hands hold a piece of cloth. A broad bracelet can be seen around the woman's wrist. She has a red-and-white kerchief on her head and black hair, bound up. Big earrings hang from her earlobes. The face and body of this middle-aged woman are gentle; her eyes are big and her face is smiling. The painting is signed upper right: "B.V.". This waist-length nude shows the painter's unrestrained selection of motifs. Betta Vukanović used accents of paint to render the complexion. The expression of the woman's face shows that the model knew how to sit for a painting.

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