A Jewish Lady (Paula Duhfeld)

A Jewish Lady (Paula Duhfeld)

  • Author: Betta Vukanović
  • Date: 1925
  • Technique: Pastel
  • Dimensions: 38 х 34.5 cm
  • Inventory number: LBV 55

The painting features a portrait of a woman in left profile. She has a conspicuous, long nose, big eyes and long black hair twisted into a chignon on the nape. Her complexion is pink, whereas the neck skin tone is somewhat dark; a turquoise scarf spotted with deep crimson is tied around the neck. She is gazing calmly and stiffly, with her mouth half open. The painting is signed lower left: "B. Vukanović". In this portrait, Betta Vukanović revealed herself as a master of pastel painting. The lady of a somewhat dark complexion was the painter’s friend.

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