The new investigation campaign at the archaeological site Stubline

The new season of systematic archaeological excavations on the Vinča culture site of Stubline-Crkvine near Obrenovac was undertaken on September 9 and will last until October 20, 2014. This year's excavations are aimed at exploring for the first time a structure in the earlier part of the settlement at Crkvine. This structure was detected using geomagnetic prospection and can be clearly seen in the plan of the settlement. It has been planned to conduct an archaeological probe in order to investigate the shape and size of the structure, as well as to determine its chronology.

The first test excavations at the Stubline-Crkvine site were conducted as early as 1965, whereas the systematic investigation has been continuously underway since 2006. In 2007, the first geophysical surveys were undertaken, revealing an exceptionally well-preserved late Vinča culture settlement with a clearly visible regular spatial distribution of facilities within the settlement. In the following years, the systematic excavations were accompanied with geomagnetic and geoelectrical prospecting, yielding significant results.

The team of the Belgrade City Museum includes:
Miloš Spasić, Project Manager
Adam Crnobrnja
Dragana Stojić
Saša Živanović
Ana Živić

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