Exhibition Ivo Andrić: a Writer and/or a Diplomat at the Book Week in Spain

The exhibition Ivo Andrić: a Writer and/or a Diplomat (Ivo Andric: escritor y/o diplomático) was inaugurated yesterday as part of the celebration of the Book Week (Semana del Libro), which is organized throughout Spain on the eve of April 23, the day believed to be the date of birth of Miguel de Cervantes. On the same occasion, the first edition of the Spanish translation of Vuk Karadžić’s collection of folk tales was presented. At the Complutense University in Madrid, where the exhibition will be on display during the next three weeks (namely, at the Library of the Faculty of Philosophy), a framework agreement on cooperation with the University of Belgrade was signed in the presence of the Rectors of the two academic institutions and the Serbian Ambassador to Spain, Danko Prokić.
The exhibition about Andrić, which was organized upon the initiative of the Serbian Embassy, whose officer Ana Milutinović strives to increase the presence of Serbian culture in Spain, was prepared in collaboration with the Legacy of the Serbian Nobel laureate held by the Belgrade City Museum. Along with the Rector of the University of Belgrade, Vladimir Bumbaširević, the Rector of the Complutense University, vice-rectors, deans and representatives of the diplomatic corps, the event was attended by numerous students, many of whom were eagerly waiting to be able to visit Serbia as exchange students. To quote the two most talkative students: "We learn Serbian by ourselves because there is no other opportunity to learn it here, and we are preparing for a long journey, from Slovenia through Serbia, where we plan to stay the longest, to Istanbul." "Serbia is a country where I have always felt great enthusiasm, strength and even selfless love; this inspired me undertake a very painstaking adventure of preparing and translating Serbian folk tales collected by Vuk," said Alicia Jiménez Mansiou at the presentation of the book translated and edited by her and published by Miraguano.

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