• Место: Karlovci
  • Date: 15 August 1848
  • Material: paper
  • Dimensions: 10,5 х 12,3 cm
  • Inventory number: ZI 507

The events of March 1848 in Vienna and Pest had repercussions on the conditions in Zemun, in which new revolutionary organs of power were also set up. At the May Assembly at Karlovci Dr. Đorđe Pantelić, speaking in the name of the Zemun Orthodox Community, expounded a programme, a part of which became the programme of the entire Serbian Movement. It included the demand for the right of the Serbs to elect a Serbian "vojvoda" (governor) for Srem, Banat, Bačka, Baranja and the Serbian part of the Military Frontier, i.e. the right to establish Serbian "Vojvodina" as the successor of the Despotate. This bond was issued by the Department of Finance of the Chief Serbian People's Committee at Karlovci and it is authenticated by its stamp. The text is: "The bearer of this will receive after the termination of the war 5 forints from the Treasury of Vojvodina at the usual rate of exchange." The document is signed by Jovan Šupljikac, president, and Atanasije Karamata, treasurer. After the May assembly at Karlovci, the Chief Committee, which functioned as the government of Serbian Vojvodina, appointed Atanasije Karamata, a member of a wealthy Tzintzar family from Zemun, treasurer of its Department of Finance. The house of the Karamata family, in which Emperor Joseph II stayed during the last Austrian-Turkish war, was the temporary residence of the Serbian Patriarch Rajačić during the Revolution. The stamp of the Committee with the imperial coat-of-arms shows that the Serbian movement was not, like the Hungarian movement, directed against the interests of the black-yellow monarchy and that it envisaged Serbian Vojvodina under the imperial sceptre. Such bonds were often issued after the economic collapse in the autumn 1848, when the scarce ready money was increasingly substituted by bonds and notes.

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