Cadastral Plan of the Free Town of Zemun

Cadastral Plan of the Free Town of Zemun

  • Author: Theodor von Wertenpreis and Wentzel von Wohlgemut
  • Date: 1780
  • Material: paper
  • Technique: black ink, water colours
  • Dimensions: 62 х 42 cm
  • Inventory number: ZI 1675

The authors of this plan were Theodor von Wertenpreis, lieutenant of the Ogulin Regiment, and Wentzel von Wohlgemut, ensign of the Banat Regiment. The plan dates from the time of the first systematic survey of the Habsburg lands at the end of the 18th century and represents the first modern topographic picture of Zemun. As part of the cadastral documentation kept in the Vienna War Archive, it is a copy of the authentic survey and differs from it in a few details only. It is made with the help of geodetic instruments and it is very accurate. The public and private buildings (1050) are indicated, the owners of plots and houses (800) are listed and individual lots are delineated and numbered. This map, made in 1780, is a first-rate historical source; it provides information on the communication network, roads, buildings and the general layout of Zemun. Also, it gives us an insight into the economic, ethnic and historical conditions in the town in the 18th century.

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