Collection of Ortodox Texts

Collection of Ortodox Texts

  • Date: 17th century
  • Material: paper, ink in several colours
  • Technique: written by hand
  • Dimensions: 8 х 11 cm
  • Inventory number: ZI 2003-2004

At the beginning of the first volume of this collection of texts is a record of priest Marko Dobrašević: "This book belongs to priest Maksim Dobrašević, who bought it from hieromonk Georgije Komogovac in 1717". Monastery Komogovin, founded in 1693 by the monks of monastery Moštanica, was, in spite of its short existence, a spiritual and cultural centre of the Serbian people in Banija. It was dissolved by an imperial decree in 1777. This collection of texts in two volumes belonged to the numerous manuscript texts and books which were kept in the monastery or were associated with its activity. The first volume, which has 165 pages (the first two are missing) contains hymnographic works and several apocryphal texts such as instructions for divination by the moon and the signs of the Zodiac. Particularly interesting is a canon to the Virgin by Philoteus (Kokynos), Patriarch of Constantinople. It consists of an akathist, a canon, several prayers and various liturgical instructions and interpretations. The small hand verges on the cursive and is characteristic of the 17th century. Some parts of the book indicate a Bulgarian recension.

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