Students at the Underpass in New Belgrade

Students at the Underpass in New Belgrade

  • Date: 3 June 1968
  • Technique: photograph

On June 2, 1968, mass protest and a student strike were organized in Belgrade. After the riots within the Student City in New Belgrade, a group of students headed towards the centre of Belgrade on June 3, but they were stopped before the old underpass near the edifice of the Federal Executive Council. Veljko Vlahović and Branko Pešić unsuccessfully tried to calm down the protesters. About a hundred students and several policemen were injured in the conflict between the students and the police. The protesters were pushed back towards the Student City. After that, all of the faculties within the University of Belgrade went into a strike putting forward demands inspired by the extreme left ideology, which was the hallmark of student protests throughout Europe. The students on strike renamed Belgrade University to Red University Karl Marx. The protests ended after an intervention of Josip Broz Tito, i.e. after his speech had been broadcasted on June 9, 1968, on the Belgrade Television Service.

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