Bombing Operations on Belgrade

Bombing Operations on Belgrade

  • Author: Headquarters Photo Department
  • Date: May 1941
  • Material: paper
  • Technique: photograph
  • Dimensions: 31,9 х 22,8 cm
  • Inventory number: I2/2 9500

The album of bombing operations contains 40 photographs taken from the air, 28 shots taken from the ground and one sketch made up of shots taken during the operation, composed of six shots. Photographs for the sketch were taken on 7 April while the shots were taken on 29 April 1941. The album also contains comments on certain photographs, which disclose that in addition to bombs and mines, incendiary bombs also caused extensive damage. The comments show that from the shots it is not possible to judge the severity and extent of the destruction of the city. The sketch displays 28 marked targets, with a comment that the underlined locations are those that were hit. The densely populated quarters of the town targeted in the bombing are marked with red broken lines, without more precise data, in order to conceal the terrorist nature of the attacks. The craters made by destructive bombs are marked with circles. Under the photographs there is a legend in the album indicating the number of the shot and its connection to the sketch. The preserved photographs are a testimony of the destruction of residential quarters in Dorćol, damages to streets near the Railway Station, Slavija Square, the central part of the city and Terazije Square. Also, of the annihilation of locations in Nemanjina Street and Kneza Miloša Street, the Old Royal Palace in Kralja Milana Street and the Church of the Holy Assumption. Although the exact number of copies of the album is unknown, it is considered a significant historical visual source of supplementing the knowledge on the destruction of Belgrade during the operation " The Last Judgement ". An unknown Russian military officer gave the album "Photos of the Operations in Belgrade" to Dr Alexander Horovic in Nagymaros upon his return home from a German prisoner of war camp.

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