Ceremonial Opening of King Alexander's Chain Bridge

Ceremonial Opening of King Alexander's Chain Bridge

  • Date: 16 December 1934
  • Technique: photograph
  • Dimensions: 25,5 x 20,5 cm
  • Inventory number: I2/1 852

Preparatory works for the construction of the bridge started in 1930 and the first pylon was laid on 20 July the same year. The execution of the project was awarded to a French contractor from Paris and the steel structure was supplied by a German firm from Oberhausen. According to the blueprint it was to be a chain bridge and to serve for tram, road and pedestrian traffic. The width of the bridge according to the design was 18 m, 3 m on each side for pedestrian paths, while the width of the carriageway was 12 m. The bridge was 457 m long and the deadline for its completion was June 1933. Already in November 1932, due to unsettled questions associated with war reparations, the German firm suspended works on the erection of the steel structure. Works were behind the schedule also due to the default of the Belgrade City Council that failed to carry out expropriation of land on the Belgrade side of the River Sava. The land was necessary for the construction of a viaduct connecting Gospodska Street (now Brankova Street.) and the bridge itself, across Karadjordjeva Street. Finally, after the matter was settled in January 1933 the works were resumed and the joining of the last sections of the steel structure was completed in November 1933 in the presence of Minister Stjepan Srkulj and sculptor Ivan Meštrović. The finishing works and access roads from Gospodska Street and Pop Lukina Street took another year to complete and the bridge was officially opened in December 1934.

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