Fire Brigade Car

Fire Brigade Car

  • Место: Belgrade
  • Date: 1933
  • Technique: photograph
  • Dimensions: 12 х 9 cm
  • Inventory number: I2/1 2352

The formation of a modern city government in Belgrade included the development and modernization of the city's security services: police, gendarmerie, various inspection bodies, etc. Great efforts were also made to develop a modern fire protection service coordinated by the Belgrade Fire Protection Headquarters. The Fire Protection Squad of the Belgrade Municipality was originally located at No. 17 Kraljev Trg (presently Studentski Trg). It remained there until the mid-1930s, when it was moved to the building at the corner of Bitoljska and Hartvigova streets, built specially to house it. This location is presently occupied by the indoors swimming pool of the Tašmajdan Sport Centre.

Along with the development of technical and professional capacities of the fire protection service, air strike protection and protection against war gases gained particular attention during the 1930s. With the rising threat of war, public drills became increasingly frequent. Although they covered all aspects of civil protection, the intensity of the aggression and brutality that took place after April 1941 could not have been reliably foreseen.

The photo was made on November 2, 1933, at the corner of Pariska and Uzun Mirkova Streets during a fire brigade drill, which was carried out in an area covering the Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Quarters, the Sava Port and the Belgrade Fortress.

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