Throne Speech of King Aleksandar Karađorđević

Throne Speech of King Aleksandar Karađorđević

  • Date: 18 January 1932
  • Technique: photograph
  • Dimensions: 18 х 13 cm
  • Inventory number: I2 1 649

Two years after the imposition of dictatorship on 6 January 1929, due to economic crisis and the pressure of foreign capital because a regime with no public control and without a parliament did not suit it, King Aleksandar decided to introduce limited constitutionality. It was only on 3 September 1931 that a Constitution providing for two Chambers, the National Assembly and the Senate, was adopted. However, despite gaining the Constitution the country did not become a parliamentary democracy. Political parties continued to be banned and without them it was impossible for parliamentarism to function as a system. Upon the adoption of the Constitution elections were called and scheduled for 8 November 1931. The election of senators took place on 3 January the following year. After the elections, a joint meeting of the people's representatives, i.e. the Senate and the National Assembly, was held on 18 January. The meeting was presided over by Ante Pavelić, dental surgeon, President of the Senate, and Kosta Kumanudi, President of the National Assembly, in alternation. King Alexander opened the joint meeting of both Chambers by the speech from the throne and proclaimed open all the meetings that were to follow.

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