Campaign for Municipal Elections

Campaign for Municipal Elections

  • Date: 1926
  • Technique: photograph
  • Dimensions: 24 х 18 cm
  • Inventory number: I2/1 648

The municipal elections scheduled for 15 August 1926 were mainly characterised by fierce rivalry between the leading parties in Belgrade, the Radical Party and the Democratic Party. As the radicals were on the brink of disintegration, the democrats saw their chance to seize power at the municipal level and spearheaded an intensive political drive to that end. The first candidates on their election list were Kosta Kumanudi and Kosta Jovanović. Based on the election results, the Democratic Party took over the local administration in Belgrade from the Radical Party. The new authorities were inaugurated on 18 August 1926, headed by the new president, a democrat, Kosta Kumanudi. The failure of the radicals to win the local elections in Belgrade was their greatest defeat in political campaigns in the preceding six years. It also affected the rapid process of the Radical Party's disintegration as well as the crisis of the Government itself that occurred already in October of the same year. Thus, the predictions that the municipal elections will strongly affect - and be an indication of - the outcome of the impending parliamentary elections proved correct.

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