Proclamation of Prince Milan Obrenović's Majority

  • Era/Century: 19th
  • Author: Karol Pop de Satmarie
  • Dating: 1872
  • Material: paper
  • Technique: casting, lithography
  • Dimensions: height 62,8, width 77,2 cm
  • ID Number: I1 3895
  • Property: Belgrade City Museum
  • On Display: The Residence of Princess Ljubica

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The drawer and lithographer is the Romanian photographer Carl Satmarie. The composition was most probably based on the shots of the events of 10/22 August 1872.

The picture captures the moment when the string of carriages pass by the decorated Captain Miša's Mansion in today's Student's Square. The jubilant crowds hail. The guards on horseback were at the head, followed by the carriages with the newly proclaimed ruler and his former Regents. Among the dignitaries who attended was Prince Dolgoruky, envoy of emperor Alexander II of Russia. The Arch of Triumphe, erected for the occasion is in the background.


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