Still Life with a Jug

Still Life with a Jug

  • Author: Ljubica Sokić
  • Date: 1970
  • Material: panel
  • Technique: oil on canvas
  • Dimensions: 83 x 70 cm
  • Inventory number: U 1308

Ljubica Sokić (1914), through a simple, purely painter's structure and the exceptional sensitivity expresses an authentic and intimate experience, full of warmth and gentleness. Her Still Life with a Jug, by its style belongs to geometric abstraction and by its essence to the realm of lyrics in painting. Almost geometric forms appear on the canvas, arranged in an unimposing rhythm, based on colour shades of a whole gamut of gray. The composition is clear and simple, bright in tonality, in some places with stronger colour accents. Delicate drawing skills, a refined style and a thin layer of colour create a harmonious whole, sincere and ethereal almost like a watercolour.

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