Wandering Shadows

Wandering Shadows

  • Author: Ivan Tabaković
  • Date: 1968
  • Material: panel
  • Technique: oil on canvas
  • Dimensions: 135 x 80 cm
  • Inventory number: U 1268

Ivan Tabaković (1889-1971) in his painting The Wandering Shadows presents himself as an extraordinary and interesting personality, very significant in our fine arts. In his search for the elements of reality, by way of scientific advances of which he is a witness, he discovers the universal laws and secrets of Nature. By visualizing reality as the universe, Tabaković makes use of scientific experience to broaden, in his poetical, visionary and symbolic manner, the thought-provoking and emotional world of a painting. An exceptional and unique personality, Ivan Tabaković constructs this painting as well in an unconventional manner, a poetic world immersed into the depths of its own being, but also in the essence of nature and life disclosed by the vision of a scientist. The subject of this painting covers different phenomena belonging to the universal creative and natural processes of certain powers and energies. These are primarily the phenomena of light and shade, transformed by Tabaković through his artistic intuition, sensitivity and fantasy into a picture of magical and surrealist atmosphere.

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