Higher School for Women

Higher School for Women

  • Site: printed in Leipzig
  • Date: end of the 19th century
  • Material: paper
  • Dimensions: 13,5 х 9 cm
  • Inventory number: KI 827

The mid-19th century Belgrade was passing through turbulent phases of its development in riots and wars, but the effort in developing school life remained since the old (Dositej's) lyceum. For spiritual prosperity of Serbia the most was done by donors from dynastic families and rich Belgrade's traders. Higher School for Women was started in 1863, and was unique for it educated only female youth, preparing them to be teachers in elementary schools. Former students were gradually included in different areas of social life of Belgrade and they had enormous effect on organizing educational and juvenile plan throughout the whole of the second part of the 19th century. The Higher School for Women building was raised in 1860, and it was restored due to the efforts of Queen Draga, and closed in 1930. The image of the school and students in front of it were photographed in three vignettes, and the image of the Queen Draga was put in a medallion made of wreath.

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