Hippodrome at Careva Ćuprija

Hippodrome at Careva Ćuprija

  • Место: Belgrade
  • Date: 1928
  • Material: photo paper
  • Technique: black-and-white photograph
  • Inventory number: KI I 1093

In the first decades of the 20th century, Belgrade had been changing its appearance gradually, partly thanks to the great devotion of sporting and knightly societies and sport lovers. They were rearranging buildings, turning neglected parts of the town into sport courts.

That is the time when the old hippodrome on Banjica was moved to the court at Careva Ćuprija, when stands and arranged tracks were built, so it became one of the favorite spots, not only for horse races, but also for Sunday's promenade of Belgrade folks.

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