Photo of the National Bank of Serbia

Photo of the National Bank of Serbia

  • Date: ca. 1900
  • Material: photopaper
  • Technique: photography
  • Dimensions: 34 x 41,5 cm
  • Inventory number: УР 13220

This is the capital work of the architect Konstantin A. Jovanović. The building of the National Bank was built in 1889 according to his project. The original corpus, which included a ground floor and two upper stories, was extended between 1922 and 1925 according to a project designed by K. Jovanović.

With its monumental exterior, the building radiates with clarity and pure architectural forms, arranged in harmonious proportions. The main entrance, decoratively accentuated, is placed at the corner of the building. Calm upper structures rise above the ground floor in rusticated ashlars; they are articulated by the rhythm of windows, differently designed on each floor. The rustication decreases towards the top of the building.

The exterior architectural expression of the building corresponds to the organization of the interior. The spacious halls full of light are covered with wide glass panes, interconnected with arcades, call to mind the forms of Renaissance urban areas. The interior design shows a full harmony of architecture, painting and sculpture. Individual architectural elements in the interior, lavishly decorated, are joined together into an indivisible whole according to the principles of Academism. Details are subordinated to the impression dictated by the whole.

Designed in the spirit of Italian Renaissance palaces, with its architectural elements similar to basic geometric shapes, the building of the National Bank is one of the best examples of eclectic architecture, but also one of the most beautiful late 19th-century architectural monuments in Serbia.

The photo was taken standing at the corner of Kralja Petra and Cara Lazara streets. It shows the first phase of construction. The building was later extended according to the design of the same architect so as to occupy the whole block width.

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