Design project for the façade of Marko Stojanović’s house

Design project for the façade of Marko Stojanović’s house

  • Author: Konstantin Jovanović
  • Date: 1899
  • Material: paper
  • Technique: drawings
  • Dimensions: 29,5 x 39 cm
  • Inventory number: UR 11565

The elevation of the house of Marko Stojanović in Pariska Street, designed by the architect Konstantin Jovanović (ratio 1: 100) and approved by the Construction Committee under No. 1056. The drawing dates from 1899.

According to the project, above the basement and the ground floor, there is an upper storey topped with an attic in the form of a balustrade. As the final motif above the balusters of the attic and the central balcony of the upper story the architect foresaw vases. The symmetry of the main façade is disturbed by the asymmetrically placed, decorative entrance to the building on the left-hand corner. The apertures in the façade are placed in the vertical axes, in harmonious proportions to the façade plane and the entire corpus of the building, designed in the same spirit. The drawing is a gift from the Secretariat of Communal and Construction Affairs of the People’s Committee of the City of Belgrade. It belongs to archival materials gifted to the Museum in 1961.

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